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Do the busses run?: Yes! Both busses run smoothly and we drive the vans to local events in San Diego. For events outside of San Diego, the bus is taken by a trailer to the event.


What type of events do you guys do?: Any! We do all sorts of events from weddings, birthdays, graduations, corporate events, to just good ol' fashioned parties!


Is there a travel fee?: Yes, we are located in Old Town San Diego and any events in San Marcos/Vista/Oceanside or further we trailer the busses. The travel fees are as follows: San Marcos/Vista/Oceanside: $100 OC/Fallbrook/Temecula: $200 LA/Riverside/Palm Springs: $400  Santa Barbara/Ventura: $500

Do you guys have social media capabilities?: For an extra $100 on top of the package purchased, we can provide social media capabilities where you can upload your pictures to your favorite social media platform, or you can email yourself a digital copy to save. 

How many people can get in the busses at one time?:  Due to the antiquity of the busses and the seats we have limited the number of persons to a three-person max in Teal and a four-person max in Sunny(yellow bus).


What is the minimum for renting a photobus?: Our minimum package is 4 hours at $1179.86 and includes all set up and tear down, unlimited photo strips during the booked time, a customized beautiful bamboo guestbook created throughout the event with photo strips and dedications/comments next to their photo strips, and a plethora of props to get wacky with while taking photos. The package also includes two attendants who will be working and helping to ensure the photobus runs and operates smoothly throughout the event.


What are the electrical requirements for the PhotoBusses?: We only require 1-2 standard three-pronged electrical outlet. We bring our own extension cords, but we do ask that the venue provides mats to cover the cords if they are going to be in an area where people will be walking.

What are the dimensions of the bus? One of the buses is 7 1/2 feet high, 15 feet long and 7 feet wide, and the
other isn't that different in size.

Can you match your colors to our event colors?:  We provide our own linens for our prop tables that go well with most colors. However, if you would like the linens to match the events linens/colors, we ask that the venue provides them.


Are the photostrips able to be customized?: Yes! we can change the background of the photostrips to any color as well as write anything at the bottom of the strip.

i.e.. 'Kate and John's


   February 12th, 2017'


Can we put a custom logo on the photostrips?: Yes, for an added fee of $100, we can add a custom logo to our photostrips. 


Have any questions that were unanswered?: Email us at we'd love to answer any questions you have!